System Recap: Underwood Shines, Rare Home Runs, Emeralds Go To Extras (Again)

This west coast road trip forces me to stay up later than usual to watch the Major League Cubs bring home W’s but also allows for me to do full recaps of the action down on the farm. Friday saw mixed results as far as wins and losses throughout the organization and also saw some weird feats. A couple of farm hands that you would never expect went yard on Friday night, the Emeralds went to extras yet again, and a couple players are also starting to force their way out of some prolonged slumps. Check out what went down on the farm: Continue reading


2017 Midseason Prospect Rankings: The Arms

Another day, another list. After covering the top bats of the system yesterday, today we take a look at the best pitching prospects the Cubs system has to offer. This list tends to look a little stronger than the position players, with several players that could make it as potential back of the rotation starters or solid bullpen pieces in Chicago one day. The depth is definitely here in this list and should be something you show your friends when they tell you that the Cubs system has traded away all of the good prospects they have. Continue reading

2017 Midseason Prospect Rankings: The Bats

After two straight seasons, the system is a little more depleted than what we are used to in Chicago. With that being said, there are still plenty of low-floor hitters in the advanced minors to go along with several high-upside athletes in the lower minors. This lists covers only the top 20 position players in the system while the top 20 pitchers will be posted tomorrow. Continue reading

Cubs Trade for Wilson and Avila to Complete Their Wish List

Late Sunday night, Theo & Co. completed yet another trade to improve the Major League squad in preparations for a Postseason run. After filling a huge need for a top of the rotation starter with the acquisition of Jose Quintana, there were two more items to check off the front office’s wish list for the 2017 trade season.

Those two items were a lefty reliever that can be plugged into high leverage situations and a backup catcher to give rising superstar Willson Contreras a day off here or there or to have in case of an injury. After trading for Justin Wilson and Alex Avila, you could say that the front office has done everything they needed to do this trade deadline. Continue reading