State of the System: Evaluating After the Quintana Trade

Over the past calendar year, the Cubs have traded their top pitching prospect and their top hitting prospect not once but twice. Gleyber Torres? Gone. Dylan Cease? Gone. Eloy Jimenez? Gone. So where does that leave the farm system now? Are the Chicago Cubs doomed for the future?

The answer to that last question is a resounding “NO!” As it stands now, there are 14 (!) players on the active roster that are 27 years or younger and also locked up through at least the 2021 season. That means the championship window that is talked about so often is still open with this core of young talent for the next four seasons at least.

But it is always nice to have a highly touted farm system just in case things go wrong up north in Chicago, and as fans of the Cubbies, we have grown accustomed to seeing top prospects make their way to the Friendly Confines and have a ton of success. As it stands now, the farm system is built with players that fit into three categories. Continue reading

A Look Back: Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot

Today we take a look back to the days of TOOTBLANs, funny sounding names, and skinny middle infielders. The gritty double-play combination of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot often get lumped together as players that overachieved during their time spent at the Friendly Confines. But while neither was a guy that was an All-Star caliber player, they were two players that were fan favorites during their time in Chicago. Continue reading

Montero DFA, Caratini Gets the Call

What a day for the boys in blue. Tuesday night, after a game that saw three different Washington Nationals swipe a total of seven bases, Miguel Montero exploded in his interview with the media. He pinned the blame for the stolen bases on his pitcher, Jake Arrieta, who is known for being exceptionally slow in his delivery to home plate.

In the interview, Montero said “It really sucks because the stolen bases go on me,” and followed by making a jab at Arrieta, “Yeah, but my pitchers don’t hold anybody on.”

While no one is going to say that Miggy is lying, his 0-31 caught stealing record is not helping his side of the story. The main problem here is that Montero was basically throwing his teammate under the bus to the national media. The conversation could have and should have taken place behind closed doors. With Cubs fans all over still talking about what Montero had to say, a much more important voice hopped into the conversation early Wednesday morning. Continue reading

Sleepers No More, Five Smokies are Impressing on the Farm

As Cubs fans, we have grown so accustomed to seeing freak athletes in their early 20s get called up to Chicago to make an immediate impact. Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Javier Baez, and Albert Almora are exactly who you think about when you think of the word “prospects.”

But there are more than just superstars that make their way through the system. Role players can be found all around the country among each level of the minor leagues. Players included in this list are considered to be pinch-hitting extraordinaires, integral fourth outfielders, back-end starters, and middle relievers.

There are a few players in Tennessee that are having great seasons so far in 2017 that have quickly made a name for themselves. The four position players that have performed admirably enough to take a dive into today are not players that will be cleanup hitters for a World Series champion team, or even players that can expect to get 500 at-bats on a Major League roster over the course of a season. What you can expect from these players is for them to carve out a very decent professional career as a role player of some sort. Continue reading

Draft Recap Day 2

The first day of the MLB Amateur Draft saw the Cubs select three college starters. Brendon Little, Alex Lange, and Cory Abbott were they guys that heard their names called on Monday evening. The Cubs front office seemed to be going along with the plan to focus on pitching that Jason McLeod said they would before the draft began.

While day two of the draft was more than just college arms, the game plan seemed to carry into Tuesday. In total, five pitchers were selected while just three bats were called upon to represent the system by the Cubs.

While we are not going to cover these eight picks with the descriptions and detail like we did with Monday’s picks, we are going to give you a brief introduction to each of the draftees from Tuesday. Continue reading

Draft Recap Day 1

Death, taxes, and the Chicago Cubs drafting a college bat in the first round. That was pretty much how it has gone for Theo & Co. during their time in Chicago. But that saying is no more after day one of the draft on Monday.

The Cubs had 3 picks in the first two rounds of the 2017 MLB Amateur Draft that aired on MLB Network and, with the picks being 27th, 30th, and 67th overall. While there are still 38 more rounds to go on Tuesday and Wednesday, here I will take a look at the new talent in the Cubs farm system after Day One. Continue reading