Greg Joins Rounding Third: Trade Deadline Episode

With trade season in full swing, it was time for me to join Kory from Baseline Times Media on The Rounding Third Podcast for my second episode with him.

In this episode we discussed the few trades that already happened including Jose Quintana to the Cubs. We also talk about potential trade chips still out there and their possible landing spots to go along with whether or not your favorite team should be a buyer, a seller, or just hang tight this year.

Also: #RoboUmps!

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Greg Joins The Rounding Third Podcast

I finally lost my podcasting virginity this week when I joined Kory Schulte and Baseline Times Media on their featured podcast series: The Rounding Third Podcast.

In this all Cubs special episode Kory and I discussed some under the radar Cubs prospects to look out for and how to handle the rotation with the recent struggles of John Lackey. You can listen to the episode by using the link below to listen on SoundCloud or by searching for The Rounding Third Podcast on iTunes.

And as always, check out everything Kory and the rest of the Baseline Times Media team have to offer. They are producing some great content on topics covering all of the major professional sports leagues.