kerry_wood_andre_dawson_commercial.jpgOut of the Vines started up in its first form as a tiny project put together by Greg Huss back in March of 2015. After years of postseason disappointment, embarrassing winning percentages, and constant criticism due to identifying with the Loveable Losers, the team had finally reached the peak of fan optimism and he was ready to begin writing about it. He decided to start posting articles pertaining to news, prospects, and his thoughts regarding the North Siders.

Now in the third season of writing, Out of the Vines is continuing to produce content for everyone from aspiring Cubs fans, to the common everyday person, to die-hard baseballers.

If you are interested in being a contributor for Out of the Vines, you can contact Greg by email at hussgregory at gmail dot com or fill out the contact box below.

For other baseball reading, be sure to check out Greg’s work over at Wrigley Rapport as well as Baseline Times Media.

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