Cubs Trade for Wilson and Avila to Complete Their Wish List

Late Sunday night, Theo & Co. completed yet another trade to improve the Major League squad in preparations for a Postseason run. After filling a huge need for a top of the rotation starter with the acquisition of Jose Quintana, there were two more items to check off the front office’s wish list for the 2017 trade season.

Those two items were a lefty reliever that can be plugged into high leverage situations and a backup catcher to give rising superstar Willson Contreras a day off here or there or to have in case of an injury. After trading for Justin Wilson and Alex Avila, you could say that the front office has done everything they needed to do this trade deadline. Continue reading


Greg Joins Rounding Third: Trade Deadline Episode

With trade season in full swing, it was time for me to join Kory from Baseline Times Media on The Rounding Third Podcast for my second episode with him.

In this episode we discussed the few trades that already happened including Jose Quintana to the Cubs. We also talk about potential trade chips still out there and their possible landing spots to go along with whether or not your favorite team should be a buyer, a seller, or just hang tight this year.

Also: #RoboUmps!

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State of the System: Evaluating After the Quintana Trade

Over the past calendar year, the Cubs have traded their top pitching prospect and their top hitting prospect not once but twice. Gleyber Torres? Gone. Dylan Cease? Gone. Eloy Jimenez? Gone. So where does that leave the farm system now? Are the Chicago Cubs doomed for the future?

The answer to that last question is a resounding “NO!” As it stands now, there are 14 (!) players on the active roster that are 27 years or younger and also locked up through at least the 2021 season. That means the championship window that is talked about so often is still open with this core of young talent for the next four seasons at least.

But it is always nice to have a highly touted farm system just in case things go wrong up north in Chicago, and as fans of the Cubbies, we have grown accustomed to seeing top prospects make their way to the Friendly Confines and have a ton of success. As it stands now, the farm system is built with players that fit into three categories. Continue reading

A Look Back: Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot

Today we take a look back to the days of TOOTBLANs, funny sounding names, and skinny middle infielders. The gritty double-play combination of Ryan Theriot and Mike Fontenot often get lumped together as players that overachieved during their time spent at the Friendly Confines. But while neither was a guy that was an All-Star caliber player, they were two players that were fan favorites during their time in Chicago. Continue reading