Prospects in Iowa Wait for Their Opportunity

The 2017 Chicago Cubs are loaded with talent up and down the lineup card and as fans of the Major League product, that makes life about as good as it can get. But the lack of holes in the order and the amount of depth at the MLB level makes it hard on rising prospects in Triple-A Iowa to find their way to the big leagues. The Iowa Cubs roster is filled with guys that are no slouch at the plate either. With several players that could have impacts on Major League rosters right now, let’s take a look at who those guys are and what we can expect from them now and into the future as it pertains to their role in Chicago. Continue reading


It’s Opening Day Like You Have Never Seen Before

Today is the day! Doesn’t the offseason feel so much shorter when the Cubs win the World Series in November instead of bowing out a month earlier? Well now it is exactly five months later and all the records listed on the “Standings” section of your ESPN app read “0-0” and that means the Cubs have work to do. 

But as we sit down in front of the television in our living room or lay next to our laptop in bed or sit in front of that guy that sweats just a little too much at Wrigley, we will all be watching something brand new. We will be watching the Chicago Cubs defend their World Series title. Sure the roster is nearly identical to last year. Of course these kids are just one year older. But this baseball team taking the field is a team full of champions. 

Here’s to defending that title and making new championship memories. Here’s to another year of Chicago Cubs baseball!