2016 Midseason Pitching Prospect Rankings

The other day I covered the top 20 position player prospects throughout the Cubs farm system and today we have moved on to the pitchers. Now the way I go about presenting the midseason prospect lists is in a very clean and easy to understand way. I want to get the names out there of who the top prospects in the system are, put them in order, and see how they progress according to how I thought they would.

The way I do that is by giving you the facts on who they are: their name, age, and level in the system and also giving you the player’s stats for the current season. That doesn’t always play well because we all know that prospects aren’t determined entirely based off of their stats. A player can be an incredible prospect while having lackluster stats all the while a double-A hitter can be absolutely mashing while not really having a shot at the major leagues.

That is especially true for pitchers, including the ones on this list. What I am doing is giving my list of top pitching prospects in the Chicago Cubs system based on numerous factors but to make things easier on you – the reader – I will still just present the player as his name and his stats. Continue reading


2016 Midseason Position Player Prospect Rankings

The trade deadline is finally over. Which means one thing here at Out of the Vines. It is time for the midseason prospect rankings! Since a few trades have forced Theo and Co. to dig into their pockets full of prospects, this list looks quite different than what it did in our preseason rankings.

Today we cover the position player prospects and with that, we will see a new man on top. With Willson Contreras and Albert Almora graduating from their prospect classification and Dan Vogelbach, Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney being traded away, the entire list takes a new form.

Let’s take a look at the 2016 Midseason Position Player Prospect Rankings. Continue reading