2016 First Year Player Draft

This year’s draft may have been the the draft with the least amount of hype going in for Cubs fans in nearly a decade. The Cubs didn’t make their first selection until the third round of the draft which means the team was absent from the entire first day. No top 10 pick meant there was no big name prospect that would be heading into the farm system. There was also less hype due to the emphasis being put on the Major League roster. When the team is performing like it is right now, people don’t really care as much about what is going on in Rookie ball in Eugene.

So now that I have just completely turned you off of all draft day excitement, let me tell you that every single draft is important. It doesn’t matter how well your Major League roster is doing or how many straight years you pick at the bottom of the draft, the first year player draft still means so much. Look at the big league roster now. Of course there are first round picks like Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, Albert Almora, and Addison Russell on the lineup card every night, but there are also players that weren’t highly regarded draft prospects. Jake Arrieta (5th), Anthony Rizzo (6th), Ben Zobrist (6th), and Dexter Fowler (14th) were all players that were not highly regarded, but still are making impacts today.

With that being said, there was still plenty to gain for the Cubs the past couple of days when they went out and drafted 38 very talented baseball players. Some will make an impact at the Major League level like Arrieta and Rizzo and some won’t even make it to Double-A. But 40 rounds later, here is your 2016 Chicago Cubs draft class.


3rd Round: Thomas Hatch, RHP, Oklahoma State University

Big 12 pitcher of the year for Oklahoma State this season.


4th Round: Tyson Miller, RHP, California Baptist University

Tall and lanky but has a lot he can work with. Potential middle of the rotation starter.


5th Round: Bailey Clark, RHP, Duke University

Fastball consistently hitting 99. Very sharp slider. Extremely wild at this point.


6th Round: Chad Hockin, RHP, Cal State Fullerton

Reliever in college. 2 plus pitches including low to mid 90s fastball.


7th Round: Michael Cruz, Catcher, Bethune-Cookman University

The run of college righties comes to an end!


8th Round: Stephen Ridings, RHP, Haverford College

Just kidding, here’s another one.


9th Round: Duncan Robinson, RHP, Dartmouth College

Commonly confused with Michigan University 3 point specialist.


10th Round: Dakota Mekkes, RHP, Michigan State University

First Big Ten guy and yet another college righty.


11th Round: Michael Rucker, RHP, Brigham Young University

Joins Jacob Hannemann as the other BYU Cougar in the system.


12th Round: Trey Cobb, RHP, Oklahoma State University

The second Cowboy the Cubs drafted. Came out of the ‘pen to relieve Hatch on Saturday.


13th Round: Wyatt Short, LHP, University of Mississippi

The run of college pitchers continues, this time with a lefty.


14th Round: Parker Dunshee, RHP, Wake Forest University

The first name I’ve heard come out of Wake since Chris Paul.


15th Round: Jed Carter, RHP, Auburn University-Montgomery

Everyone needs to draft a guy named Jed.


16th Round: Holden Cammack, RHP, Oral Roberts University

Holden rounds makes it 12 of the first 14 picks that are righty pitchers out of college.


17th Round: Zack Short, Shortstop, Sacred Heart University

We aren’t allowed to move short off of shortstop.


18th Round: Marc Huberman, LHP, University of Southern California

He can finally ditch those ugly McDonald’s colored uniforms.


19th Round: Matt Swarmer, RHP, Kutztown University

If a guy from Kutztown U can get drafted then so can I.


20th Round: Garrett Freeman, LHP, University of Alabama

Roll tide.


21st Round: Samuel Tidabeck, Catcher, University of North Georgia

The second catcher drafted because you can never have enough of those.


22nd Round: Dante Biasi, LHP, Hazelton Area High School (Pennsylvania)

The first high schooler taken and also from the same hometown as Joe Maddon.


23rd Round: Delvin Zinn, Shortstop, Itawamba Junior College

See comment from round 19.


24th Round: Rey Rivera, First Base, Chipola College

This looks like a randomly generated name from MLB The Show.


25th Round: Trent Giambrone, Second Base, Delta State University

I thought Delta State was a made up college for movies.


26th Round: Austin Jones, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

I’ve actually heard this kid has some potential to be a surprise from this draft.


27th Round: Connor Myers, Outfielder, Old Dominion University

Myers is the first outfielder taken by the Cubs in this draft.


28th Round: Ryan Bassett, RHP, Clark Community College

He had a teammate this year that was 5’4” so that’s pretty cool.


29th Round: Tyler Peyton, RHP, University of Iowa

Another Big Ten guy and that makes me happy.


30th Round: Montana Parsons, RHP, San Jacinto College

He gets the award for coolest name out of all the guys the Cubs drafted.


31st Round: Brenden Heiss, RHP, Jacobs High School (Illinois)

He is from Algonquin, IL which is right outside of Chicago.


32nd Round: Zach Davis, Outfielder, Texas Tech University

Pretty decent college centerfielder. Cubs may have found something here late.


33rd Round: Nathan Sweeney, RHP, Cherry Creek High School (Colorado)

Throwback to Ryan Sweeney. (No relation as far as I know.)


34th Round: Davis Daniel, RHP, St. James School (Alabama)

I don’t trust a guy with 2 first names.


35th Round: Ryan Kreidler, Third Base, Davis Senior High School (California)

Go watch a YouTube video of this kid. Big bat but boy does he look funny running.


36th Round: Jake Slaughter, Shortstop, Ouachita Christian School (Louisiana)

My new favorite MLB The Show name.


37th Round: Davis Moore, RHP, Los Osos High School (California)

6’4” and 185. Super lanky but that means you can still add some velo.


38th Round: Tolly Filotei, Outfielder, Faulkner State Community College

This is my favorite pick. A man named Tolly from Faulkner State CC. Cinderalla story.


39th Round: Anthony Block, LHP, Newport High School (Washington)

Not too many guys coming out of Washington state.


40th Round: DJ Roberts, RHP, Atlantic Coast High School (Florida)

First name is Deundre and that is pretty cool. 2 way player but much better pitcher.


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