Lineup Notes 3/10 vs. Mariners

Joe Maddon is trotting out a team this afternoon against the M’s that actually doesn’t have too many prospects. With nearly all of the starters having some type of Major League experience, here is what the lineup card looks like today:


  1. Javy Baez- CF
  2. Kyle Schwarber- LF
  3. Kris Bryant- 3B
  4. Jorge Soler- RF
  5. David Ross- C
  6. Jeimer Candelario- DH
  7. Taylor Davis- 1B
  8. Arismendy Alcantara- 2B
  9. Kris Negron- SS

Pitcher: Jon Lester


– We get to take a look at a highly questionable outfield defense. With Schwarber, Baez, and Soler going across the outfield, not a single one of those guys have exactly shown an incredible skill set out there. Yet. I think Baez could use a while longer out there just getting some experience after just learning the position starting this winter and I also don’t think that Soler is quite as bad as everyone thinks he is. He has an elite arm and once he begins to make better reads, I think he will be able to play an adequate RF.


– We will see if Grandpa Rossy has a follow up to his great game yesterday which included a double and a homer. Maybe the old man will have a bit of pep in his step going into his final season.


– Jeimer Candelario went deep yesterday and has had an amazing past year. If he can continue to show out in Major League camp this spring then he will be really knocking on Chicago’s door come September.
– Taylor Davis has gotten a lot of experience already this spring in many different positions. Even though the former 49th round draft pick is listed as a catcher, he has seen time at first and third and is in there at first today. A guy that has proven he can hit in the high minors, if Davis can continue to play well then he might be able to prove himself to be a useful piece of the Chicago bench to back up at numerous positions on the field. (PS if you want to see a hell of a leg kick, TD is the player to watch)


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