Lineup Notes for 3/4 vs. Brewers

So the lineup for the first real Spring Training game on Thursday against the Brewers was released and there are a few things to look out for: 

1. Kyle Schwarber- LF
2. Kris Bryant- 3B
3. Anthony Rizzo- 1B
4. Jorge Soler- RF
5. Miguel Montero- C
6. Javy Baez- CF
7. Tommy La Stella- 2B
8. Dan Vogelbach- DH
9. Munenori Kawasaki- SS
P- Travis Wood
Now you are going to see crazy lineups all spring so anything I am about to say you should take with a grain of salt because this lineup truly means nothing when it comes to how things will play out come Opening Day. But I am going to throw out my opinions anyway.
-Kyle Schwarber batting leadoff? Realistically we will see this a total of zero times throughout the course of the regular season but there is actually quite the contingent of people that would love to see this happen. Now I am not one of those people and anyone that has any say in the Cubs starting lineup probably isn’t one of those people either. But I like to think that Joe Maddon just enjoys messing with our minds a little bit.
-Javy Baez is getting the start in center. I expected to see a lot of the outfield version of Javy this spring and that will be a story to watch as the year goes on. Will he make the transition to super utility guy seemlessly?
-Dan Vogelbach gets the start! And would you expect him to be placed anywhere else than DH? Here’s to hoping he rakes all spring.
-Munenori Kawasaki will be manning the shortstop position on Thursday. Can  we really expect anything less than 3 dingers and 4 diving plays from the new Cubs funny guy?
Chicago Cubs baseball is back people and let’s all enjoy the ride.

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